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Business Development

As consumers evolve, it is important for business models and organizational structures to remain relevant and thrive. Whether you are looking to expand business services, markets, or partnerships, we can assist you in developing a business plan that is unique to your needs.

Whether you are a large business, small startup or a nonprofit, we can help build a business plan with you to drive success.

Available Learning Sessions

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Using Data To Drive Decisions

Data can be the critical information a business needs to grow. It is important to collect the correct data and use it to make pivotal decisions. LaTisha offers a 1-hour training session to help staff understand the importance of data, what types of data to collect, and how to use them in decision-making. 

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Digital Optimization

Is your business trying to become more digitally friendly and optimized? Understanding how digital optimization can impact and advance your business is a great first step. LaTisha leads a 1-hour training session unique to your industry to tell you how to get the most out of digital optimization. 

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